Airbon Nano Mask | Small & Large


Our black Airbon Nano Mask is available in small perfect for petite or small faces.

  • Certified Nanofiber filter protects from virus. Fine dust. Smoke and bacteria 99%, medical grade.
  • Ergonomic design for full protection, prevent falling off and prevent fogging of the glasses
  • Functional nose support: High adhesion for comfort
  • High elasticity ear band: Maintains elasticity as a new one after a long period of using it.
  • New Specially Sized Nano-Fiber Mask to provide maximum Protection to Children
  • FDA 510k approved surgical respirator nano-filter technology and changed the sizing so that it would fit the smaller faces of children.
  • Longer usage and much durable than ordinary filter mask since mask is made from Nano Fiber Filtered texture.
  • Thin, light & breathable for kids while providing 99% filtration
  • Reusable up to 20 washes
  • Made in Korea


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