Beef Kalitiran (Flat Iron Steak) | 1kg


The Beef Kalitiran is the proper cut when you want to enjoy a delectable steak but do not have enough time to grill! This cut is soft and juicy that does not require a longer time to tenderize. With the proper seasoning and heating, this steak cut can give you gastronomic pleasure and release its soft, flavorful meat that can melt the stresses of your day!

The Beef Kalitiran refers to the meat surrounding the tendons in the cow’s foreshanks and hind shanks. This area has less and tougher meat but is famous for its excellent beefy flavor. The best way to tenderize the connective tissues in this tough part is to cook them long and slowly by boiling or braising. Grilling the cartilage and tendon area will make them tighter like a rubber band. Meanwhile, one can separate the meat from the cartilage and use the meat in making delicious steak. 

Bring out the carnivore in you with our fresh, juicy, and delicious selection of Beef Kalitiran and other prime meat cuts! GoodFinds has a comprehensive array of premium cuts making your home cooking more exciting and fun. We offer you standard meat cuts of poultry, pork, and beef that we meticulously source from trusted providers to achieve your protein and other nutrient requirements. Be excited about your next kitchen adventure as we bring you fresh, quality, and flavorful meat cuts that you can use in grilling, roasting, braising, or whatever cooking method to make your favorite dishes come to life!


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