Beef Shank (Bulalo) | 500g


Craving for some bulalo? Beef shanks are the main ingredient in this delectable beef stew dish. Rigid and dry, beef shanks may need more cooking time to make them tender. Meanwhile, its strong beef aroma and flavors make this the ultimate answer for every meat lover’s dream! One may also take advantage of its versatility in absorbing flavors of spices and seasoning that make braised beef shanks to die for!


Add more collagen and fat to your sumptuous Bulalo soup using our Beef Shank (Bulalo Cut). Beef shanks have the right combination of collagen, connective tissues, and fat, making them hard to cook. But with enough boiling time, this cut can go tender, giving that strong beef flavor and aroma that creates a bowl of Bulalo as satisfying as ever! One can easily add more flavors and seasoning as this beef cut absorbs flavors and makes it an excellent ingredient for braised or boiled cuisines.

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