Beef Sirloin Whole | 500g


The beef sirloin (whole) is an exceptional cut famous for its fine grain and marbling. This area, from the lower portion of the ribs to the tenderloin, boasts such tenderness that one can achieve it even without moist heating or slow cooking. Even with high temperatures, whole beef sirloins will retain their softness. Before serving the whole beef sirloin, pierce it with a skewer or any metal object. Pink juices from the flesh are a good sign that you have successfully cooked it. Meanwhile, red juices mean that it needs a few more minutes in the oven.

Enhance the look of your Korean barbecue by buying our Beef Short Ribs (Cubes)! We cut this part with even cube shapes to make them more flavorful when you smoke or braise them. Plus, we choose only the freshest and highest quality cut from the front section of the backbone and the ribs with the right amount of flavor and alternate layers of meat!


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