Beef Tenderloin Flat (Semi Trimmed) | 500g


We give you what we promised and make sure that our Beef Tenderloin Flat (Semi Trimmed) Cut comes from the butt to the cow’s thin tail to enjoy very lean and tender meat. This cut is ideal if you want to come up with a delicious-looking browning with a little more fat for a more flavorful outcome. Leaner meat and less fat, consider getting this steak cut!

Juicy and tender, the Beef Tenderloin Flat (Semi Trimmed) Cut is perfect if you want more lean meat in a steak with less marbling. Our butchers skillfully removed this part from the cow’s butt to its tail. These parts do not receive much pressure and work and thus remain tender parts. This makes it suitable if you want to enjoy a flat surface of lean meat, ideal for a tasty browning and a little fat.

Satisfy the carnivore in you! Goodfinds offer a careful selection of fresh, juicy, and excellent meat cuts that make your kitchen adventures at home come true! Browse through a range of premium cuts and chunks of your favorite meat! We got them all for you, be it pork, chicken, or beef! Goodfinds sources only from reputable individuals and farms to guarantee only the best meat products fulfilling your protein and nutrient requirements. Light the fire. Plan that feast! Let Goodfinds be your partner in making delicious dishes that delight your tastebuds.


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