Chicken Thigh | 1kg


Chicken thigh are an excellent alternative to chicken breasts and are perfect for people who want to enjoy more fat and experience a more satisfying taste! An easy way to retain the chicken fat is to cook the chicken thighs skin-on and let the heat cook the skin until it absorbs its flavors and becomes crispy.


Chicken thighs have lots of protein and flavors, making them stand up using various cooking methods. To enjoy chicken thighs more, one should not remove its skin and let it absorb the flavors and sauces so that you can taste them after they are baked, braised, or fried.

Chicken Thigh is the upper part of the leg that is connected to the body of the chicken. This flavorful bone-in cut is pure dark meat and is sold with the skin on, and takes a bit longer to cook than its boneless counterpart.

Our chicken products are all guaranteed hormone-free. These are sourced from Robina Farms and Pilmico.

Both suppliers are NMIS- certified (National Meat Inspection Service), processed in Triple-A slaughterhouses, and strictly follow the cold chain process.

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