Pork Chop (Skin on, Bone in) | 1kg


Pork Chop cuts are in demand owing to the fame of the delectable and easy-to-cook pork chops! Are you running out of ideas on what to cook for dinner for the whole family? You can never go wrong cooking pork chops that you can cook in many different ways (fried, grilled or baked in the oven) and in different yummy flavors. We choose the best meat from the pig’s hip to its shoulders, choosing parts with equal portions of lean meat and fat for more enjoyable bites. Choose from 3 different thicknesses (thin, medium and thick cuts) to satisfy every recipe.


Are you looking forward to cooking your favorite meat dish? Goodfinds is a reliable provider of a premium range of cuts and chunks to realize your kitchen adventures! Choose from our poultry, pork, and beef cuts sourced from reputable farms and suppliers so you can get only the best nutrients and protein requirements in every bite such as us in our fresh high quality Pork Chops. Be open! Be adventurous, and grill, roast, fry, or boil Goodfinds’ quality meat cuts to your heart’s content!

Our meats go through an advanced blast-chilling process right after slaughter so bacterial growth is neutralized and freshness and nutrition is locked in.  They also go through a process that has passed the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System. The HACCP is an international, preventive quality management system designed to identify and prevent any potential hazards in the food.

You can browse the rest of our pork, beef and chicken products from our online meat store so you can buy fresh quality meats online.

Choose Thickness

Thin 8pcs/kg, Medium 6pcs/kg, Thick 4pcs/kg


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