Soluball Laundry for Babies (Lavender)


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If you’re looking for laundry pods that will get beneath the residue, break it up and wash it away then Soluball Laundry is the perfect choice. The capsules are cost effective and will leave your laundry clean and smelling fresh. The chemical-free pods are Earth-friendly and effectively penetrates the fabric to remove all types of stains and dirt.

Directions for Use:

Place 1 capsule in washing machine drum and add soiled load after.  Each Soluball Laundry Capsule works best with 4 – 5kg of laundry.  For larger loads or heavily soiled clothes, use 2 capsules.

  • Follow care instructions on clothes label
  • Not suitable for silk or wool fabrics
  • Not suitable for combined washer-dryer



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