SoomLab Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask


SoomLab uses cutting edge nano membrane called BEYONDTEX which is made up of NanoFiber that has numerous invisible air holes that allow air to flow well and completely block pollutants. SoomLab’s Nanofiber filter allows for easier breathing as well as high filtration and prevention of airborne particles.

This mask is reusable up to 10 times with 75% ethanol sterilization. Maintains original filtration efficiency. Fully and completely dry the mask before reuse. 


Why SoomLab?

  • High filtration (90 – 99%)
  • Reuse up to 10x without reducing filtration
  • Very comfortable, ideal for daily use.
  • Easy to breathe.
  • Fits perfectly.
Available in white and black.
Made in Korea.


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