V-CIDER Disinfectant Spray | 500ml


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Made from hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a sterilizing ingredient produced by the body’s immune system to combat harmful bacteria that have entered the human body. It is proven to :

  • eliminate up to 99.9% of various harmful microorganisms;
  • eliminate norovirus in less than 4 minutes;
  • eliminate H1NI virus in 15 seconds;
  • sterilize more than 99.9% of Vibrio bacteria; and
  • remove over 99.9% of airborne bacteria

V-Cider is non-alcohol, colorless, fragrance-free, surfactant-free and preservative-free making it an eco-friendly disinfectant spray.

Can be sprayed directly on human skin, pets, groceries, officewares, cellphone, laptop, clothes, furnitures, door handles, elevator buttons and other high touch point areas.  You may spray all over your body and hair to eliminate all viruses before entering your home.

USA FDA & Korea FDA approved in acute oral toxicity test, eye irritation test, inhalation toxicity test, skin irritation test & corrosion test showed no abnormalities.

Made in Korea.

How to use:

  • Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned. No need to mix with water.
  • After spraying the target area which needs sterilization and disinfection, dry it naturally or wipe it with a dry towel.
  • In places where direct spraying is difficult, spray on a clean cloth and use moistened cloth to clean. 


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