Pork Tenderloin (Lomo) Whole | 1kg
  • SKU: SFV-FF-125

Pork Tenderloin (Lomo) Whole | 1kg

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Cut from the back part of the pork, Pork Tenderloin or popularly referred to in the Philippines as Lomo is the most tender and lean part of pork making it very mild in flavor and benefits from lots of seasoning. It’s best cooked like steak - grilled or pan-fried and also used for Morcon, Pork Tonkatsu or Breaded Pork and Garlic Pork Salpicao.


Our meats go through an advanced blast-chilling process right after slaughter so bacterial growth is neutralized and freshness and nutrition is locked in.  They also go through a process that has passed the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System. The HACCP is an international, preventive quality management system designed to identify and prevent any potential hazards in the food.

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