Beef Stroganoff (Strips) | 500g


Order our Beef Stroganoff (Strips) and bring a taste of Russia to the family table! Initially from Russia, this dish underwent several modifications but retained the mushrooms found in the original dish. You can do this at home! Google your favorite Beef Stroganoff recipe and surprise the whole family with your cooking skills!

Save lots of preparation time. We have prepared our Beef Stroganoffs splendidly in regular strips! Plus, we assure you that we source our meats from trusted suppliers who raise only the freshest and excellent quality that is perfect for making Beef Stroganoff. Beef Stroganoff is an easy recipe that you can do in 20 minutes with 10 minutes of preparation. Let the beef strips melt and sizzle in sumptuous butter (or using healthier options using canola or olive oil) in a pan. Let it sit there until it’s ready to be added with mushrooms and onions!

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