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Enjoy our fluffy and soft Mantou ready-to-eat dimsum, a perfect accompaniment to any meal. These steamed buns are made with high-quality ingredients, carefully crafted to create a perfectly textured and flavorful bun. Great for making your own sandwiches, or for serving with your favorite dishes, each bite is a comforting and satisfying experience. Ideal for busy moms and homemakers who want to prepare a quick and easy meal for their family.

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Introducing our delicious and versatile ready-to-eat Mantou. These soft and fluffy steamed buns are a staple of Chinese cuisine and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from sweet to savory.

Made with high-quality ingredients and expertly crafted, it is the perfect addition to any meal. These buns are steamed to perfection, ensuring that they retain their soft and fluffy texture, even after being frozen.

Conveniently packaged and ready-to-steam, our Mantou is perfect for busy individuals who want to enjoy a delicious and authentic Chinese meal without spending hours in the kitchen. In just 15 seconds, you can have a plate of piping hot Mantou ready to enjoy.

Did you know that Mantou has a long history in China? It’s believed that these steamed buns have been enjoyed in China for over 1,000 years and were originally eaten as a substitute for rice.

Whether you prefer your Mantou sweet or savory, our versatile steamed buns are sure to impress. Enjoy them as a side dish, a snack, or even as a bun for your favorite burger. So why wait? Order today and experience the authentic taste of China from the comfort of your own home!


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