Ox or Beef Tongue (Lengua) | 1pc

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Take yourself and your family on a new adventure by cooking them the sumptuous Lengua using Ox Tongue! Relish the velvety soft texture in every bite and enjoy more beefy flavors. Famous for its versatility, the ox tongue would turn into a delicious delicacy using different cooking methods such as boiling, braising, roasting, or turning them into pickles


Velvety soft and flavorful, the Ox Tongue has been a main ingredient in many Filipino and Mexican cuisines that you can try at home! Try this part in cooking Lengua Estofado or Lengua in White Mushroom Sauce! Tender and versatile, the ox tongue cooks quickly and can turn into a mouthwatering meat dish. Whether you boil, pick, roast, or braise it, the ox tongue is a heavenly delicacy you cannot refuse!

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