Beef Sirloin Breakfast Steak (Beefsteak) | 500g


Leaner but less tender, the Beef Sirloin Breakfast Steak (Beefsteak) cut needs more tenderizing but is flavorful in the long run! This cut gets more flavorful when marinated before grilling, braising, broiling, or cooking into a breakfast steak.

Homecooked steak for breakfast? Why not! The beef sirloin breakfast steak is thinner, making it easy to cook. You may want to use it in cooking the classic steak and eggs. Consider adding delicious carbs such as baked potatoes, flour tortillas, and avocados for some healthy fiber! Before cooking the breakfast steak, drizzle the meat with seasoning and salt and pepper. Using a simple cooking method, saute the flesh with coconut oil and spices until you hear the sizzle, smell the blend of herbs and meat, and watch it turn into a mouthwatering golden brown color.


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