Chicken Gizzard (Balumbalunan) | 500g


Chicken Gizzard is the stomach of the chicken. It’s made of muscular walls that contract. The gizzard is aided by gritty, sand-like particles that help to grind the food so that it may pass to the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed and this is why chickens don’t have teeth. They don’t need them as the gizzard does all the work. 

Because gizzards are all muscle, they tend to be quite chewy, and taste like dark-meat chicken. Despite their small size, gizzards are packed with protein, and low in fat, making them one of the healthiest parts of the chicken. 

Chicken gizzards are a common ingredient in many cuisines all across the globe but locally, this is a popular ingredient in adobo, pancit (noodles) and barbecue.


Our chicken products are all guaranteed hormone-free. These are sourced from Robina Farms and Pilmico. Both suppliers are NMIS- certified (National Meat Inspection Service), processed in Triple-A slaughterhouses, and strictly follow the cold chain process.

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