Ground Beef Sirloin | 500g


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Avoid the fat and choose the healthier alternative: fresh ground beef sirloin, and feel assured that you are not taking in preservatives, artificial ingredients, and dyes. Make your favorite entries, such as tacos or burger patties, using the fresh ground beef sirloin within minutes. You may also try exploring other ways of enjoying it with different sauces and gravy, such as mushroom cream sauce or adobo gravy!

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If you are conscious of your food’s fat content, you must look at leaner and healthier parts such as Ground Sirloin Beef. This variant has an estimated 12% fat but still gives you the versatility and mouthwatering taste of other ground beef variants. If you are more focused on cutting down your calories, then diet meat loaves with ground round beef will be more enjoyable when eaten with salads, pasta, and entrees such as enchiladas or burritos.

Indulge in your deepest meaty desires by cooking your favorite dishes using Goodfinds’ prime meat cuts! Goodfinds offers an excellent range of premium cuts and chunks of poultry, pork, and beef. We source our meat products only from reputable farms and suppliers to ensure that you get quality meat that meets your protein needs and preferences. Fresh and healthy, Goodfinds’ meat products are versatile to accommodate your kitchen adventures.


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