Chicken Lollipop | 1kg


Indulge in your deepest meaty desires by cooking your favorite dishes using Goodfinds’ prime meat cuts! Goodfinds offers an excellent range of premium cuts and chunks of poultry, pork, and beef. We source our meat products only from reputable farms and suppliers to ensure that you get quality meat that meets your protein needs and preferences. Try our Chicken Lollipop
Fresh and healthy, Goodfinds’ meat products are versatile to accommodate your kitchen adventures.

Fresh, juicy, and ready-to-cook, our chicken lollipop cuts are perfect for busy moms who want to finish cooking for the whole family in 10-15 minutes. There are many ways to enjoy chicken lollipops. One can enjoy this part more by marinating it before frying or baking it. Adding your favorite seasoning or a flavorful breaded coating before frying in the pan are also great ways to enjoy chicken lollipops.



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