Bangus Dagupan Sliced

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Get authentic, fresh, and excellent Bangus Dagupan Sliced variety today and turn them into your favorite meals! Enjoy the outstanding taste of Bangus Dagupan, homegrown in the clean, brackish water of Bonuan. We thoroughly cleaned, gutted, and sliced them in equal proportions so you can use them evenly in your favorite Bangus Spanish-style recipe, Bangus ala Pobre and Sinigang.


Save lots of time going to the supermarket and buying the same fresh and quality Bangus Dagupan Sliced from us! Dagupan has the best-tasting milkfish in the country, and we can bring them to your kitchen, sparing you the hassle and stress of finding fresh produce in the market! Enjoy deboned and ready-to-cook quality Bangus sliced in equal proportions any time of the day. Marinate it with your favorite sauce before grilling it. Also, try using it as the main ingredient in famous recipes such as Bangus ala Pobre and Sinigang!

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Small 2-3 pcs 1-1.1kgs, Medium 600-700g 1pc, Large 1-1.2kg 1pc


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