Beef Short Ribs (Cubes) | 500g


Our Beef Short Ribs (Cubes) have regular cube shapes that would make them look nice whether you smoke them, cook in your favorite sauce, or braise them to make a delectable Korean-inspired recipe.

Enhance the look of your Korean barbecue by buying our Beef Short Ribs (Cubes)! We cut the Beef Short Ribs (Cubes) with even cube shapes to make them more flavorful when you smoke or braise them. Plus, we choose only the freshest and highest quality cut from the front section of the backbone and the ribs with the right amount of flavor and alternate layers of meat!

Bring out the carnivore in you with our fresh, juicy, and delicious selection of Beef Short Ribs (Cubes)! GoodFinds has a comprehensive array of premium cuts making your home cooking more exciting and fun. We offer you standard meat cuts of poultry, pork, and beef that we meticulously source from trusted providers to achieve your protein and other nutrient requirements. Be excited about your next kitchen adventure as we bring you fresh, quality, and flavorful meat cuts that you can use in grilling, roasting, braising, or whatever cooking method to make your favorite dishes come to life!


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