Ground Beef | 500g


Fresh and juicy minced or ground beef is a perfect ingredient for easy home-cooked meals. Simply add green peas, diced carrots, potatoes, and raisins for that classic Picadillo recipe that has been a comfort food everybody loves. Extend your imagination more and take advantage of the versatility of ground beef in making empanada fillings, Menudo, or your favorite spaghetti, among others.

Enjoy our juicy and flavorful Ground Beef when cooking your favorite pasta dish, meatloaf, or bolognese dishes! We choose the cow’s most appropriate skeletal muscles and primal cuts with no organs and other parts that may only ruin your cooking! Be more satisfied, enjoying a more balanced meat-to-fat ratio in every purchase! We choose only the freshest and quality lean meats and fatty parts for you to enjoy more nutrients, protein, fat, and vitamins in every serving!

Indulge in your deepest meaty desires by cooking your favorite dishes using Goodfinds’ prime meat cuts! Goodfinds offers an excellent range of premium cuts and chunks of poultry, pork, and beef. We source our meat products only from reputable farms and suppliers to ensure that you get quality meat that meets your protein needs and preferences. Fresh and healthy, Goodfinds’ meat products are versatile to accommodate your kitchen adventures.


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