Pork Ribs Slab | 1.1-1.2kg


Extend your experience enjoying barbecue and try grilling using our Pork Ribs Slab cuts! Why should we limit our joy to barbecue in wooden skewers when we can have an entire flavor-filled rib section! Dig into the flavorful delight of untrimmed ribs with cartilage covered in fat and muscles. Enjoy this delicious meat slab glazed with your favorite barbecue sauce!


If you’re a fan of meat, especially pork, you will definitely want to try a slab of pork ribs. Pork ribs have a rich and delicious flavor that comes from the combination of meat, fat, and bones. When cooked properly, the meat is tender and juicy, with a slightly sweet and savory taste that will satisfy your taste buds.

There are many ways to cook a pork ribs slab, including smoking, grilling, baking, and slow-cooking. You can use your favorite seasonings, rubs, or sauces to make your pork ribs slab unique and to your liking.


Please allow for a slight variation (+/-) in the weight of some of our fresh meats from those published as final weight will depend on the size of what’s available from the time of your purchase. Our selling prices, however, are fixed given the limitations of selling thru an online platform though we make an effort to get as close as possible to the higher published weights.

Our meats go through an advanced blast-chilling process right after slaughter so bacterial growth is neutralized and freshness and nutrition is locked in.  They also go through a process that has passed the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System. The HACCP is an international, preventive quality management system designed to identify and prevent any potential hazards in the food.

You can browse the rest of our pork, beef and chicken products from our online meat store so you can buy fresh quality meats online.


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